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Small Enterprise and Capital! 2020TAGS Channel

Small Enterprise and Capital!  2020TAGS Channel

Capital of CEDZWorldWide 

 The Dynamics of Macro vs Micro Economics and the Global Financial Debacle!

"Forcing the Paradigms and Favoring Micro Economic Alternatives"

Notice all the "talking heads" arguing about who to save or help first, Macro Market players or Micro Market enablers?  

The Argument is ridiculous to most entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise because there is, nor never was, a parity between governments/big business institutionalism of Macro Economic stability versus the greater importance of entrepreneur, micro or small to medium enterprise Micro Economic enablement.

The Result?  A resistance of governments/big business institutions, representing only 30% of the global economic market place, to value down or to absorb the losses the Macro Economic Market has conveniently rested upon the shoulders of Small Enterprise.

So, the remaining 70% of the global economic market place (i.e., Entrepreneurs, Micro Business, and Small to Medium Enterprise) may be seeking the changes or alternatives, long overdue.  Changes long overdue for Entrepreneurism at the Micro to Small Enterprise level comes in Paradigms.

The Dynamics of Macro versus Micro Economics has become so disproportionate as to spawn the Micro Alternatives to capital, organization, structure and growth.

There are places where entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise are gathering, gathering for alternatives to the dynamics of Macro Economic institutionalism and the enduring lack of parity for the greater global economic engine of small enterprise!

Now, more than ever, small enterprise ideas, enterprise empowerment and responsible collaborative ventures are reconfiguring the cost of capital, enhancing access to working capital and changing the global economic landscape for small enterprise.

For more on the alternatives for entrepreneurs, micro business and small to medium enterprise and the Paradigms of enterprise enablement;  check out the SocioBusiness Portal and 2020TAGS Channel. "...reach into the location for small enterprise..."

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