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Changing the Paradigm in Favor of Micro Enterprise - Join Us!

There are Alternatives, Changing the Paradigm in Favor of Micro Enterprise - Join Us!
New Routes of Trade combined with targeted Innovative and Holistic Private Commerce Modeling are forging the completion of the WorldWide Grid of Alternative Micro and Small Enterprise Farmers/Landowners -join us in discovering Trade and Commerce through the employment of private, semi-philanthropic collaboration of holistic eco-collaborative-capital-development.

Friendly Frontier markets seeking new era Rural and Urban development? Enter the Eco Impact Zones, where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing holistic Eco oriented facilities as part of the many renewables making up an Eco-Agri Collaborative.

The Impact Zones - Eco Impact Zones paradigm is clear - by initiating semi-philanthropic collaborations of Eco Impact Zones and assembling the strength of Small Enterprise Farmers/Landowners of under-served, friendly Frontier markets, a new era comes for rural and urban Eco-oriente…

Eco Impact Zones - Project Genesis "M" - Modality - Introducing New Modalities and Reach into the Micro Economic Corridors of under-served, friendly Frontier Markets

Eco Impact Zones with FBO/FTZ Status! Eco Impact Zones of under-served, friendly Frontier Markets - reach like you have never seen before! come the New Trade Routes, Air/Land/Sea/Rail-Ports into the Micro Economic Corridors and Value Chains of the Future!
Eco Impact Zones Extending Micro/Small Farmers Sustainability and Market Reach   "a developing global grid of Eco Impact Zones, Trade Routes, and Private and Public Ports"
"Project Genesis "M'" How Eco-Agri & Renewables are Arriving within the Zones
Welcome to the new Era of Rural and or Urban Development!
Eco Impact Zones and Semi-Philanthropic Collaborative Capital Development connecting with modality never imagined!
In the Zones of Eco-Agri & Renewables from - Aquaponic Produce, Fisheries,Renewable Grasses, Communications and Network(s), Renewable Energies, Research Parks... - comes the inter-modality and total modality extending from and into the growing network of alternative Eco-oriented, air…

The Change in Urban and Rural Development comes in the Form of Eco Impact Zones and Eco-Agri & Renewables - from the ground up, the New Era

Plug-In to Eco Impact Zones

Plug In to the Paradigm that is turning-on the Micro Economic Corridors!
Of Eco Impact Zones – Eco-Agri and Renewables - 
Collaborative Capital Models

Gathering in this alternative or change in Rural or Urban Development are - Ecopreneurs, semi-philanthropics, independent sector Executives  - and turning on the micro economic corridors through Collaborative enablement.
Collaborating with micro/small farmers and landowners of under-served, Friendly frontier markets and building infrastructure, new eco industries, new era workforces, and reach through the micro economic corridors to the value chains of the future - now more and more are paying attention to the arrival of Eco Impact Zone and Eco-Agri Collaborative Capital Enablement.
Collaborators are assembling, designing, building, operating, training, and transferring “holistic” sector composition, new Eco industries, new Eco workforces, modality ports, and adding value in capital enablement.
Building and fundin…