Saturday, November 15, 2008

‘A Visionary, a Pioneer, an Original Socio/Business networker, here at the Equator!’ ….A Salute to Cesar Frixone Franco…Small and Medium Enterprise

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‘A Visionary, a Pioneer, an Original 'Socio/Business' networker, here at the Equator!’
….A Salute to Cesar Frixone Franco…Small and Medium Enterprise, The Ultimate in Culture and Commerce ism2020.comsm and internationals!

Quito, Ecuador. I arrived at the mountaintop capital after a brief layover in Costa Rica. It was a late evening night and the altitude of Quito surprisingly made me very thirsty and ready to get settled.

Checking into the Holiday Inn, a note was delivered stating “Welcome to Ecuador, John. My wife and I will pick you up this evening for dinner. Will call when we are downstairs.”

Not having met Cesar before or his wife, I felt somewhat invasive to intrude on their evening yet, I was certainly up for conversation. So, I made myself comfortable and readied for the upcoming, Ecuadorian experience of culture and commerce.

I found myself waiting outside the Hotel, early. The door captain and I exchanged an even improving conversation by mixing my working Spanish with his working English. I noticed, he smiled all the time.

The door captain pointed to an approaching car. “Aqui, senor!”

A classic, well maintained Mercedes, pulled to the front, humming the classic hum of a purring Mercedes diesel. Immediately, this impressive, low voiced, Robert Mitchum type gentleman pops from the car and says “John? Eh, Juan?” I found myself somewhat struck by the good kharma emanating from this person.

Wow, I thought, as he introduced his beautiful wife, a Jackie Kennedy type woman, with so many characteristics of Mrs. Kennedy, I had to take a double look and more. A charming couple of deep culture and most welcoming in all aspects socially.

After a short drive, we arrived at a Castle type building, “A restaurant,” says, Cesar; “Do you approve?” I smiled as Cesar popped from his door to his wife’s door, opening her door and extending his hand for her exit.

Knowing, he would get my door next, I quickly leapt to save him the trouble of being so kind.

And, so, at dinner, he paused and looked over to me and spoke with the classic, authoritative, slow Spanish accent. “John, I love my Country. I began with a small freight container repair plant. It was very hard. I and other small enterprises have worked very hard to organize and to provide working abilities and goals for Enterprise Associations throughout our humble Country. Together, we have created business centers and soccer fields with entertainment for our people.”

He paused, “John, I want you to tell people you meet in Asia, Europe and throughout the Americas that we have so much and yet are working to do better. We believe that we can do business with home enterprises, entrepreneurs, small enterprises and more; perhaps, sometimes, without much capital, because we work to develop long-term friendships and cultivate business within those friendships for long lasting business commerce. Our culture demands that for success.”

“We are working to reach out with all the technology available and we advocate good business practices; most importantly, honor for small enterprise is key of culture and commerce.” And then, the epiphany of statements followed!

“John what I do to help my family, my friends, my business associates, my Country…I do because I practice what was taught to me; with very little, one can achieve success. I believe that for my Country.” I thought that evening, ‘a visionary, a pioneer, an original socio/business networker, and here at the Equator!’

What a wonderful experience in social/business networking and a lesson in how Culture and Commerce will aid in the successful development of ‘socio/business’ portals for enterprise growth.

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