Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Discovering Micro Economic Corridors - Eco Impact Zones - Eco Holistic Campuses - Trade Routes and Ports of the Future

Eco Impact Zones - Air Modality
Discovering the development of Micro Economic Corridors - advancing the new era in development for under-served, friendly Frontier Markets...are you?

Welcome to the "New Era and New Economies of Rural and Urban Development."

Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and more...Enterprise, where Micro Economic Corridors are developing - Alternative Eco Impact Zones are on the rise!

From 1,000 acres to 1,000 square kilometers, the Paradigm of Collaborative Capital Model development is happening. Collaborative like-minded entrepreneurs are working to stimulate market possibilities where no markets existed before.

Changing the dynamics of business development and creating a niche for multi-sector (holistic), micro and small enterprise development in holistic eco impact campuses and advanced renewable development of full sustainable Eco Impact zones.

Collaborative Capital Models enhance access to development and compliment rather than displace the Macro capital forms of funding for global small enterprise development. As in most models of sciences, the original model generally will become too limited and thus the collaborative development enhances capital access for full holistic development.
Holistic Eco Campuses - On the Rise!
Venture into a Place where “like-minded,” private, semi-philanthropic entrepreneurs stimulate Micro and Small Enterprise Collaborative Development!

Think formation of Eco-Oriented Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones!

Introducing proper economic scale in Rural or Urban Collaborative Capital Model development enhances sustainability by ensuring local and regional economic ability to consume products or services of the economically vibrant zone and to establish reach into Micro Enterprise Collaborative Zones through alternative trade route development and expansion of reach through the developing micro economic corridors.

Micro Enterprise WorldWide Collaborators are Building Technological Workforces of the Future - Eco-Techs and Eco-Technologies. 

Find them in the developing WorldWide grid of Eco Impact Zones of underserved, friendly Frontier markets.

Eco-impact zones are developing Alternative workforces of "Agri Techs," "Solar-Hydro-Wind-GeoThermal Techs," "Agri-Forestry Techs," "Communications Techs," "Modality Techs," and building technological workforces of the future.

Join in the targeted working capital collaborations, assisting local populations to be more capable of utilizing working capital, introducing new incomes from Eco sector development.

Eco Collaborative development and the value of "micro economic corridors?"

Collaborative Engagements are incorporating tailored logistical modality and moving toward effectively advancing new routes of trade and collaborative Eco Impact Zones of under served micro markets - establishing the alternative trade routes, trade ports, and value chains of the future.

Adding transport to under-served opens new trade and commercial potential.Eco Impact Zones - Alternative Ports and Trade Routes

Eco Impact Zones with FBO/FTZ Status! Eco Impact Zones of under-served, friendly Frontier Markets - reach like you have never seen before!
...here come the New Trade Routes, Air/Land/Sea/Rail-Ports into the Micro Economic Corridors and Value Chains of the Future!

Eco Impact Zones
Extending Micro/Small Farmers Sustainability and Market Reach 
"a developing global grid of Eco Impact Zones, Trade Routes, and Private and Public Ports"

Eco Impact Zones and "Project Genesis "M'" - How Eco-Agri & Renewables are Arriving within the Zones?

Welcome to the new Era of Rural and or Urban Development!