Globalization - Meant for Small to Medium Enterprises

Globalization - Meant for Small to Medium Enterprises

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is the process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global ones. So why are big businesses highjacking globalization? The answer: Because globalization was because Globalization was/is Meant for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Big Businesses were smart enough to do what many SMEs never thought of doing, like?
- Determining the most favorable or strategic markets for an international footprint;
- Determining competitive or strategic new partnerships for an international footprint;
- Building Cultural relations with Commerce;
- Building Strategic Trade Portals;
- Cultivating Environment of Geopolitical Awareness

Just a few of the top things Big Businesses did in highjacking globalization from entrepreneurs, home based businesses, networkers, small to medium enterprises and associations.

Globalization exists for SMEs throughout most of the 169 viable global markets. SMEs and entrepreneurs can incubate an international footprint and more effectively develop new exchanges or avenues of commerce for all tangible services and products by creating competing shipping routes, exchanging wealth building services, creating capital opportunities, again just to name a few...all this at a nominal cost compared to Big Business.

So, why have SMEs failed in many respects to grasp globalization from Big Business? Deterrence, quite often, due to the competitive entities such as Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)formed from local, state or country government. EDOs often approach emerging market opportunities and buy into or exchange cost reductions through lower taxing or credits and SMEs fall short. However, SMEs can grasp globalization from Big Business and EDOs by networking beyond business associations, trade associations and other market entry points often followed by EDOs by networking with all elements of market entry; ie, if SMEs network with foreign, regional business associations, the SMEs should also network with federations of exporters at regional levels.

Whether networking for a foreign footprint or developing an international business footprint, business intelligence can lead to success and should because globalization is "Meant for Small to Medium Enterprises" - go strong, go global!

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