Friday, October 24, 2008

Networking with Foreign Counterparts

Networking with Foreign Counterparts

Networking is global! Establishing an international footprint brings many hazards but networking globally allows new foundations of growth and prosperity.

Big name companies, establishing international footprints, grow by acquisitions...means they buy an existing market or business. Along with this footprint, due diligence is paramount. So?

Home based entrepreneurs, MLMs, and small to medium enterprises should look beyond your market but be as careful as big companies in your diligence...fraud abounds everywhere.

What to do? Build your international footprint on a vision and reach into small and medium enterprise associations around the World...these organizations test the reputations and soundness of your potential network partner - that's a clue, for aspiring persons wanting that footprint.

But here are some common sense approaches:

1) Take time to learn what countries and regions are viable.

2) Look at a globe - know where this network is, what language is spoken, what cultural advantages are about.

3) Research, research, research...what is the currency, is this area the most favored for trade, what protections are in place to minimize fraud.

4) Check with others who have been there.

Two top recommendations - Ecuador and Taiwan.

Reach your maximum market and reach it as frequently as possible - an international footprint for networkers is essential in a globalized economy.