Small Business and On-Line Marketing

So many potent blogs out there; however, I find that by understanding key elements and encouraging discussion on small to medium enterprises or in evaluating on-line business value one should check out

For example...competing on-line, begs questions and demands answers to such basics as:

Before You Get Too Far Know what the Government has to say about
On-Line Business
Useful link -
contains: Info on Popular Business Topics

* Find Small Business Grants and Loans
* Register a Business Name (Doing Business As)
* Learn how to Incorporate a Business
* Start a Home-Based Business
* Get Started in Government Contracting
* Learn Ten Steps to Hiring Your First Employee

The Business Cafe Topic!

A Business Plan. So you may or may not have one. Let's start over.
What is a true business plan? Does it take thousands of dollars; does
it have to be in a bound book? The plain truth?

A Business Plan is a pithy description that summarizes answers to
important elements of business success. There are many stories of a
business plan starting on a simple 3x5 card and with the enthusiasm
and vision of an entrepreneurial spirit. Many businesses have old,
complex business plans that if examined to reflect answers to
important elements of business success could be updated to re-charge
good business vision. So...take a look and ask I have a
Plan? Contact us if you have questions.

What you have (service or product description)
What it does
Why it's unique (compared to other such products/services)
Who wants it (target audience or market)
Where you expect it will be most under demand
What resources do you have or need to research, manufacture, and deliver
How will you reach out to your market (marketing, advertising)
How long will it take for you to be profitable and what are your
rational profit targets
Additional Info May Include:
Describe any strategic partners (other companies or compatible
Describe your staff (a brief history and background of those who are
part of the Plan and how they will contribute to success)

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