Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congratulations to Yahoo on their branded Glue - Could It Signal A Shift for 'Socio/Business' Networking Platforms

John Lyman WRLyman.Group Internationals and soon

Congratulations to Yahoo on evolving their brand search engine into screen captures and perhaps more! Add to Technorati Favorites

Although Technocrati provides a good model, Yahoo may throw more development and see the strategic value in combining more commercializating aspects required by the growing 'socio/business' networking business paradigm.

Professing a globalizing trend of small enterprise commercialization through 'socio/business' networking, one wonders if it will be a Yahoo, Google, MicroSoft or perhaps a smaller enterprise like Technocrati or the Group who will evolve a WorldWide Grid Portal.

Bringing life to 'socio/business' networkers through visualized search capability, blog or opportunity sharing, complete with commerce capabilities will enhance the shifting paradigm in favor of small to medium enterprise marketing on-line.

But the forethought to create an evolving small enterprise portal, where home based businesses, enterpreneurs, small to medium enterprises and their associations greet, meet, share viability of market will be the ultimate in business web development.

A WorldWide Grid Portal that provides immediate interaction, a pay-as-you-go commercialization model is no doubt in the works.

So, a cheers to Yahoo in its first step into the paradigm offered through 'socio/business' networking web development.