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Home Based Business - College and Alumni?

Bringing School and Friends to develop blogs and create simple business platforms.

St. Petersburg, Florida and Hangar55
, owner-entrepreneur, Cal Brown, took steps to bring a "spirited" idea to market - does a Gator need a bra? Well, this Florida Alumn said, "yes" and thus the Gatorbra.com and more...

Entrepreneurs, home based businesses, small to medium enterprises, associations
of all kind take note. Markets and ideas abound and developing great rules for conceiving an idea to market entry are available.

Do you belong to a Society, Association, is there something you can contribute and add value to such in your product or service?

Hangar55 was able to create and officially license GATOR BRA in support of The University of Florida in Gainesville (The Florida Gators) and his theme "This might just be the most comfortable bra you have ever worn." And best of all, it's a "Gator Bra", with the "Gators" logo ...

So, why let a good idea go stale? He didn't, and so developing the next market and delivery..he stepped into The Seminole Bra (The Florida State Seminoles).

Research your idea
, get the permissions and launch your business platform. This is a true inspiration for all marketers!

From local market idea, to social networking, to business networking
...an idea conceived and gone global through a simple business platform to deliver to a greater market!

Think of this when searching for market ideas, market examples and fostering business in associations...a true inspiration for all.

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