Friday, November 14, 2008

Small to Medium Enterprise Connect - Working Within a WorldWide Portal Grid

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Small to Medium Enterprises Connect!

Home based, Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Enterprises & now Small Industries, their Associations are 'Socio/Business' Networking Evolving Within a WorldWide Portal Grid!

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Working Within a WorldWide Portal Grid, technology mixed with networking connections and commerce capabilities bring markets closer and enhance abilities to develop viable and credible relations within a ‘socio/business networking’ platform.

Home based, entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises, small industry associations and members gravitate to global ‘socio/business’ networking portals designed to service and stimulate new business with information, technology, including networking & business matchmaking activities, and immediate commerce capabilities, including an international footprint.

Members of such a WorldWide Portal Grid attract like-business, like-research, business-incubators, small associations and members in pay-as-you-go activities sharing, research, business incubating, establishing new market business networks or social networks, the catalyst (vehicle, grid, platform or portal) for this phenomenon of globalizing small enterprise will deliver results such as new business partnerships and accelerated commercialization of either home-based, industry association based, or small to medium enterprise based like-minded business with international footprints. Working capital is no longer a matter of credit or ever-changing costs associated with startup or market entry, rather working capital derives from fee-for-services or fee-for-products, exchanged. Premium service members can expect add-on capabilities, including business platforms accessible from your networking site. Technology inclusion that follows development of this WorldWide Portal Grid of ‘socio/business’ networkers will surely include voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP), webmeeting, and chat, offer notifications and more.

Traditions change as the need for venture capital or well-financed entrepreneurs diminish and the evolution of ‘socio/business’ global networking technology evolves tailor made for small enterprise growth.; jllyman;; ism2020sm