Entrepreneurs, Small Enterprises and Enterprise Associations...new platform, do you know?

As of 2008, Public statistics indicate the increase in on-line social and business networks, up more than 47% since 2006, WorldWide. Players in the on-line presence, such as, Yahoo, Google, MicroSoft are competing with or buying up popular social and business platforms. Entrepreneurial, MicroBusiness Strategic Developers and Philanthropics are converging the social and business platforms into the multi-functional, multi-source platform, a "socio/business worldwide grid portal".

Leading the way are the developing 'socio/business' networking platforms. Complete with the ultimate abilities in communicating, co-developing and incubating or branding entrepreneur, small enterprise and association culture with commerce or commercialization possibilities. From E-commerce to E-infrastructure, inviting cultural and business oriented, like-minded business to your 'socio/business' networking platform, create multiple opportunities to share business intelligence, opportunities, business research, tools and more to commercialize your business, enterprise or association membership worldwide.

Socio/Business Networking - first proposed by the WRLyman.com Group, advocates the presence and interaction of social and business enterprises on a platform that provides both active and passive branding, commercialization and other opportunities at an enterprise fingertips.

Socio/Business Topics - Blogs, Articles, News, Classified, Downloads and More are categorized as 2020TAGS (series). 2020TAGS are socio/business related categories for business or discussions, such as, 2020Culture, 2020Commerce, 2020Socio/Business Networking, 2020Technology, 2020Industry, 2020Research (for more visit http://www.ism2020.com and click on Articles to view.) 2020TAGS compose specific subject matter, words, phrases, references and the 2020TAGS series represent updates.

2020TAGS & series - Developed and updated by the WRLyman.com Group (for more visit WRLYMAN.com or Google search 2020TAGS), 2020TAGS are now being used by social and business networkers as tags, labels or subject matter for their socio/business vocabulary.

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