Sunday, December 14, 2008

Garden of Eden for Small Enterprise!

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Garden of Eden for Small Enterprise!

Hidden in the Equatorial region on the North West corner of the South American peninsula are the caretakers of the Gallapagos Islands and inhabitants of the Andes Mountain Range and parts of the Amazon.

Beautiful, scenic, rich in understanding quality of life, Ecuadorian culture is a beautiful blend of both indiginous and deeply traditional latin values. Many men still tip their hat in respect, many women wear black in mourning for years - culture of such a nature enriches enthusiasm for small enterprise development.

The image reflects an invitation to reach out to a rich and valuable World culture. Small Enterprise development remains a priority for Ecuador. Grassroots development of technology, across enterprises, and smart partner status as the most favored tract pact Latin American country...provides the opportunity for home based, entrepreneur, small and medium enterprises and their associations to look no further than to Ecuador for excellent culture and commerce.

More interested small enterprises and entrepreneurs should Google "CAPEIPI" and share small enterprise opportunities in Ecuador and Latin America.