Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Help Developing Markets - Pass It Forward Socio/Business Networking

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Snapshot! Pass It Forward…

Small Medium Enterprise Marketing On-Line, Business On-Line Cafe, WRLyman.com Group and Internationals Passing It Forward with help developing markets for entrepreneurs, business incubators, small enterprises and enterprise associations.

Many entrepreneurs and small enterprise types have less experience walking the streets of fellow markets where small enterprise development and entrepreneur business developers are raising their hand to extend their culture and to share in commercializing small markets to larger markets.

Socio/Business Networking provides a ‘hand-to-hand’ platform, developed at the grass roots level for socio/business market development. Tools on socio/business networking platforms provide members with brand development, social contacting for business interests, wide communications and commercializing products with e-commerce and e-infrastructure capabilities.

Google.org is also involved in a variety of development programs but not specifically for entrepreneur to small enterprise and their associations.

Some may also look to an upcoming, youthful (Bill Gates’ type college kids) at OCPortal.com…a good group of young, philanthropers providing help in developing markets and services to pay-as-you-go enterprises.

Help Developing Markets - Pass It Forward Socio/Business Networking is a good place to start…join, invite and commercialize. ISM2020.com(sm) beta 3.1 - Socio/Business Networking Going 2020.