Small to Medium Enterprise Marketing On-Line ...home based, entrepreneur, small enterprise and enterprise associations...your business, carve your

Small to Medium Enterprise Marketing On-Line
...home based, entrepreneur, small enterprise and enterprise associations...your business, carve your Internet Pie!
Can Be A Fight, Can Be Done. Group! Business On Line Cafe' Internationals & beta socio/business networking portal

Carving your part of the Internet Pie may be a fight, can it be done? What's Your Plan?

One business planning expert says, let's create a virtual office complemented by a flash bang look, with a technology that guides customers or audiences through the virtual menu aisles and ending with 'view your cart' and 'thanks for shopping'. This will bring the fight to the competition.

A second business planning expert says, let's create a moderately expensive virtual office, providing basic functionality and satisfaction yet complemented with awesome graphics and a catchy name. This expert states to add more flash but after you claim your virtual presence, functionality and satisfaction. This will make the competition fight us.

Yet, a third business planning expert says, first let's not start a fight until we know what part of the Internet Pie we belong in.

The third business planning expert continues...So, let's first communicate with available, like-minded business types. We'll share some ideas, poll those ideas and refine our message. Next, let's research and see if others have shared similar interests or contacts that would educate us and help us educate others on what we would like to accomplish. Once we do this, we can lease our virtual office, market smartly, discover our best product brands and claim our piece of the Internet Pie.

Would your business plan be better? Home based, entrepreneur, small enterprises and enterprise served by socio/business networking, where the business playing field is level. Form your best plans through social and business networking, but form even better plans socio/business networking.

The difference with socio/business networking is the ability to both actively and passively meet, greet, share, blog, web poll, and instantly web chat with like-minded business types interested in forming mutual and cultural enriched social awareness combined with good will and the ability to conduct business on a pay-as-you-go capability.

Those platforms dedicated to socio/business networking promise enhanced, low to no-cost ability to reach out and form enriched virtual capabilities like web meetings, conference messaging, and group rated domestic and international VOIP access, just to mention a few forthcoming member abilities.

What did your business planning expert tell you? What's your plan?

If you can't socio/business network, demand it!


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