Friday, December 12, 2008

Socio/Business Networking...Small Business Marketing Tool!

Socio/Business Networking, An Overlooked Small Business Marketing Tool!

Socio/Business Networking...Small Business Marketing Tool! Group! Business On Line Café

Dawn Breaks on Socio/Business Networking…social networking is an often-overlooked small business marketing tool!

Business On Line Cafe’ tips! - Socio/Business Networking…Small Business Marketing Tools!

Test Marketing or Market Opportunities at a Fraction of Costs – ‘socio/business’ networking allows like-business-minded marketers to post content in the form of blogs, pictures, slide shows and videos. Evolving social networking sites allow polling, instant web chatting and co-development capabilities like with Adobe Air.

Building Marketing Contacts for small business – ‘do not’ build a massive list of contacts to show off, instead seek to create your Top 100 social/business networkers.

Brand Image & Brand Your References and Reputation – socio/business networking, you open up your contacts for the whole world to see – your Top 100 social/business networkers are your on-line references, this is where the culture and commerce in socio/business networking provides market opportunities overlooked or below the radar for larger more dominating businesses.

Select Emerging Socio/Business Networking platforms – Facebook, MySpace, Twitter are fantastic social platforms; yet, these social platforms are cluttered with lots of subject matter, more cultural and demographically related to entertainment. Google, Yahoo ‘socio/business’ networking to find those less known platforms, designed for social/business development of home based, entrepreneur, small enterprise and enterprise associations. Emerging socio/business networking platforms allow both active and passive networking on less congested and with more targeted social business utilities like – web polling, instant web chatting.

Invite, invite, invite…invite like-minded-business types to join with you! The Dawn Breaks on the niche for social business networks – Socio/Business Networking, truly the platform to reach out to the World…an often overlooked small business marketing tool!

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