Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stimulate Business - Enterprises Spin the Globe!

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Stimulate Business - Enterprises Spin the Globe!

Have a Globe on your desk? Spin the Globe...put your finger where you can stimulate business.

Small Enterprise in Greater Asia? Did your spin point out a business location in South America? How about Ecuador? With on-line directories from small enterprises like CAPEIPI in Ecuador...pick your business interest, market or partner and invite them to your social/business network (socio/business network platform). Greater Asia enterprises can open dialogues with like-minded business, interact immediately and establish new market opportunities, distributions, or market entries. Spin the Globe and stimulate your business.

Home based entrepreneur in Florida? Did your spin point out a business location in Europe? How about Italy? Search Technorati for business commerce with Italy. Find your contact and stimulate business interaction with your socio/business networking platform invite. Home based entrepreneurs can establish like-minded interest, actively and passively poll your contact for business interests and opportunities.

Entrepreneurs in Latin America? Did your spin point out a business location in Alaska? Google search entrepreneurs in Alaska and invite them to your socio/business networking platform...stimulate like-minded business opportunities...Spin the Globe!

Associations? Link up with like-minded, like-business associations and stimulate your business interests and membership interests by inviting your co-op to a place where you can immediately stimulate your businesses with tech friendly advantages found on socio/business networking platforms..stimulate business association and commercialize your memberships!

Be a 2020Networker and commercialize by stimulating business - Enterprises Spin the Globe on the right platform!

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