Bush Jr. The Most Failed Republican President of Our Lifetime

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For those who may read this, some may say well this comes from a partisan democrat! Not true, full disclosure requires that I reveal a lifelong commitment to Republican ideology of self-reliance, fairness and small government. So, there you go.

Today, Bush Jr., stood before cameras and ignorant press corps to reveal that Bush knows that history will prove his value! One of the most self-serving, moronic, ludicrous press conferences in history. This arrogant, poorly advised, Bush stood before Americans and said, I did a good job.

Poop! Sure, as President he continued the national security but what a failure in regulations and in steering the economy. Bush Jr., next to Jimmy Carter, is truly the worst President of our lifetime.

Let's visit Energy Policies...failed and hurt the American people while commodity future traders raped the nation. Let's visit banking and the recession...failed and continues to strip Americans of their remaining assets. Let's visit, taxes, how many trillion has his Secretary of Treasury and the Fed Chair dumped into the financial institutions and now newly named financial institutions? Failed.

That's right. Bush Jr. put government to work and they work for the very entities that harm the citizens of America. Remember, Carter, failed in defense, enabled the PLO to grow, disgraced us with Iran...let's not forget the incompetence in Carter and his economy and energy. Carter truly an incompetent but Bush Jr. truly a failed President.

Small Enterprises don't rush to buy Bush Jr.'s book. We know Bush Jr.'s book may be named, "I Was Right, Just Give History a Century". Bush Jr.'s book should be named, how I ruined the life's of Americans, Republican Party and got away with it.

If you are a small enterprise, keep an eye on those Bush Jr. defenders, if they haven't thrown up yet or if they haven't changed their minds...don't listen.

Goodbye, George Jr. and don't let January 20th stop you from going to your new mansion in Texas.

I, like many lifelong Republicans, am switching to the Democratic Party. I have more ability to influence my life under the Democrat banner than under the influence of the Republican Party.

Farewell, Party of Lincoln and goodbye to Bush Jr., the most failed Republican President of our lifetime!

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