Economy Solution - The U.S. Taxpayer Debt Relief Act of 2009

Get the Economy and Ecommerce Going - Economy Solution - The U.S. Taxpayer Debt Relief Act of 2009

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After examining and witnessing the trade offs and reactions to big business and big bank losses, perhaps there is a final solution. Trillions have been poured into big business, big banks and yet these same beneficiaries are now entering civil courts and trampling over the very taxpayers and double-dipping for dollars.

Forget the bully pulpits of governors, senators, and representatives…each has a finger in the wind and reacts versus proactively solving.

At the risk of over-simplifying…all Government economies should revive economies by going to the very heart of working capital…to the taxpayers and small businesses who are struggling under the weight of taxes, bailing out big business/big banks and shrinking under the latitude of most civil legal proceedings - The Solution!

There should be a final solution to this economy mess and it doesn’t solely rest with big business, big banks.

The Answer?

The U.S. Taxpayer Debt Relief Act of 2009 - All U.S. Taxpayers should be provided a $25,000, one-time use, debt tax credit of $25,000. This credit would be applied to all debts currently in arrears for U.S. Taxpayers. The credit by the U.S. Treasury would be credited by listing the creditor (taxpayer) and each amount of debt would be charged off against each listed creditor. This works as a stimulus and immediately frees up working capital at the lowest level and is an equal and fair debt relief for home and small enterprises.
This Act could be immediately implemented and filed under 2008 tax returns. No quicker way than the bottom up.

Remember, big business and big banks are gathering their list of debts and then submitting their bill to the Government, why not have the taxpayers create their list of debts and hold the bailout monies for banks and big business accountable.

Erase the debt and start over.

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