Free Enterprise, We Would Get Wormed If We Did That

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Former President Clinton said it best in a recent speech. Clinton remarked about people getting away with behavior that most would be persecuted for. Clinton joked, there was once two bulldogs observing a couple of break dancers; one bulldog remarked to the other, "If we did that they would worm us."

Big business, big banking and passive regulators around the World breakdanced for years, stretching working capital beyond business models into credit default swaps and impossible to insure business ventures. The result, a call on the working capital from faulty markets and greed in institutional investors collapsed the working capital and sending a virus into small enterprises collapsing capital and pay-as-you-go business models. If Small Enterprises did that, small enterprises would be more than wormed, it would be closed.

Amazement of interests in driving economic recovery from the top down (big business, big bank bailouts)to the home and small enterprises is befuddling? Every bailout dollar (currency) provided post the banking stabilization is "FREE MONEY" to big business, big banks to purchase other banks and further redistribute their new found capital in foreign markets.

Worse, every bailout dollar given to big business, big banks post the stabilization of markets, is used by the very same big business, big banks and their third party agents in civil courts. That's right, small enterprises are being dragged into civil courts by these new mega-businesses, mega-banks and third party agents fully charged with free bailout monies so they can double dip in civil judgments.

Small Enterprises are left bailing out big business, big banks for their prospective losses, if any, and then are getting double dipped by civil judgments made in favor of the very same, bailed out big entities. Ironic to say the least, that the very idea of a top down approach leads to economic stabilization - raping small enterprise will only diminish markets' economic recovery.

Thus, in consideration of the engine of commerce (small enterprises), time to zero the playing field. Recently, the Group proposed the "U.S. Taxpayer Debt Relief Act of 2009." It can be implemented by any market. In simple form, the proposed Act, permits a debt credit of up to $25,000 (annual med wage U.S.) to be listed by the individual/enterprise. The taxpayer will list up to $25,000 in debt and list the debtors. The taxpayer then sends the debtor a copy of their filing and then and only then may the big business, big banks be permitted to draw upon "bailout" funds. The Act, permits debts of the taxpayer active from the year 2008.

Rather than wait for the big business, big banks and third party agents to cooperate in debt right-off's and cease in civil collections and to continue to benefit from taxpayer bailout dollars, the time for double-dipping and the false belief of top-down economic recovery, the taxpayer can regain control and obtain the stimulus in debt right offs to revive the economy and working capital.

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