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When you think there is nothing funny anymore, just take a look at the good things on the net!

The big names like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and large institutions are all looking over their shoulder! As small enterprises click along with home based operations, small enterprise development and pay-as-you-go business models, it's a funny world to see even banking institutions and educational institutions who dominated in credit and speculating over outstanding deals to see how big business models are triping over themselves to find out how they can get bailouts.

Funny even more are the members of governments around the World who are dumping more dollars to bad. Million dollar mansions, million dollar assets are below their values, yet they keep throwing dollars to bad business models.

When and if, governments and the distant politicians start using their bully pulpit to advance small enterprise models with funding over big business models, perhaps we will then see a rebalancing of global markets and the growth of the World's economies in the best enterprises ever to lead in recovery.

So, take a deep breath and see the big businesses beg until this Funny World again refocuses on small enterprises like you!


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