Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama He Must Succeed But What Message Is He Sending

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No matter what your enterprise or party affiliation is, Obama must succeed if we are to succeed, but what message is he sending? Starting his term somewhat in entrepreneurial style, Obama sells exclusive rights to HBO. The WhiteHouse is for sale.

You got to give him credit. This guy knows how to raise money and he starts where he began, the silly comedians of Hollywood and the drug-phased rockers and activists are all merging on the cable channel to tout their messiah...but regular Americans it will cost you. That's right, on Sunday, the day before Martin Luther King day and two days before assuming the Presidency of the United States, the socio/political uninformed are selling the Presidency on the cable HBO channel. If you wanted to see Obama...well, you got to pay the cable pig! And, god bless him, Obama steps beyond the comedy channel and NBC and goes cable with exclusive rights to the WhiteHouse given to the HBO channel. If you don't have HBO, well you are not the audience.

Not a good signal starting his Presidency pandering to the elite, the WhiteHouse is for sale and standby to see more drug rockers, activists and crazy producers of HBO owning a piece of the WhiteHouse. We can only hope, Obama succeeds but if you don't have cable and you are not a part of the isolated social wacko's, the signal sent is our WhiteHouse is for sale to the socially confused and the bad taste of the likes of HBO.

Obama, he must succeed but can't he do it on the channels that Americans own? We can only hope; but, again, you got to give this guy some enterpreneurial credit...sold to HBO?