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Small Enterprise drives economies in emerging and developed markets. Yes, the need existed for several cooperating markets to "bailout" the big business models connecting our markets. Now, it's time to return to the driver of economies as small enterprise models function across all markets when capable to operate on a pay-as-you-go commerce capability. Pay-as-you-go, commercialization at the small enterprise level should be re-thought to become the measurement of economic success in connecting our markets.

In order for small enterprise development to develop global socio/business platforms with brand and multi-cultural commercialization, working capital must be returned through the removal of general debt of up to $25.000 per enterprise. Impacting this this opportunity is the willingness of both government and creditors to dictate this immediately and at a scale necessary to absorb.

Those most seriously interested in small enterprise development should stop looking down the dark hole of big business and banking and raise their heads because Small Enterprise requires that you look up here...Small Enterprise, Recovery Up Here!

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