Small Enterprise, Imagine and Commercialize

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Imagine opening a box from your attic and finding rare, collectibles of toys. So many toys are in this box, if you sold one toy a month for months on end, you would begin a small enterprise with working capital.

Small enterprise no longer is defined as the size of a business, number of employees nor by credit. Small enterprise is defined as few as one person, able to commercialize their product or service and creating working capital and pay-as-you-go commerce.

No longer do you Ebay your enterprise collectibles. Small business platforms with ecommerce, e-infrastructures and socio/business networking promotes small enterprise and actively permits branding at a small enterprise level. Business philanthropers and business assistance incubators like Group offer low cost platforms and domain branding, along with market tagging and promotion throughout the INEToSphere!

Small Enterprise, Imagine and Commercialize!

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