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Truth! It was the small landing module that finished the journey to the Moon.

Thinking and acting in small enterprise is more than a model for establishing commercialization, thinking and acting in small enterprise demands the vision of success.

A vision of success is the ability to see through obstacles clearly enough to establish brand, networks, public access and commercialization into your intended market.

Small Enterprise Platforms are low cost multi-functional, e-commerce, e-infrastructure, socio/networked domains. Sure it's easier to list offerings on other brand sites but the loss of market identity ends success after each sale. Let's not forget the commission and other charges.

Small Enterprise Platforms allow home, small enterprise, small to medium enterprises to develop active and passive commercialization, at your pace, at often less than the cost of sale commission on other sites like Ebay.

With so many offerings, and phased options of creating actual ecommerce portals, interested home, small enterpreneurs, small enterprises to medium enterprises should examine options at Group Small Enterprise Platforms...see and act 2020!

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