Small Enterprise, This Big But Easier Fix

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Small Enterprise, easier to fix? Numerous suggestions abound concerning the trends toward big business, big bank functionality and while so many ponder the centralization of monies either by nationalizing or partly nationalizing commerce, the mess and distractions for this malady persist.

Yet, with all the emphasis on big business, big bank commerce and markets, no authority denies the greater impact of commerce fix lies at the small enterprise and home-based (taxpayer) level.

With home based and entreprenuerial small enterprise growth, pay-as-you-go capability with low cost ecommerce and e-infrastructure breaks market boundaries and is policed by daily credibility in socio/business networks, micro-business philanthroper affiliation and both combination of culture and commerce.

Working capital for pay-as-you-go, home based and small enterprise expansion depleted significantly with the benefit of capital shifting to institutions and private organizations hidden in speculator booths of banks and investment banks.

Even though home based, small enterprise, and even small to medium enterprise shifted short term capital to already compensated big business, big bank government interventions, most remaining working capital is still being demanded for payment to the big business, big bank entities.

Perhaps enough is enough for big business, big bank interventions. If the bully pulpits of governors, representatives and home and small enterprise like minded entrepreneurs insist the equal debt relief be immediately provided to home and small enterprises. Pulling big business, big bank licenses to operate in States who are double dipping in civil courts to recover debts from home and small enterprises already compensated in the taxpayer bailout may be a signicant option.

Other options to fix home and small enterprise growth and significantly influence economic recovery may include debt relief certificates up to 50% of losses from year 2009. This relief can be used to trade off in debt settlement with big business, big bank entities and encourage home and small enterprise to use the remaining balance immediately in working capital.

Small Enterprise, This Big But Easier Fix...demand the bully pulpits!

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