Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Socio/Business Networking Etiquette

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As socio/business networking platforms develop for small enterprise development, key differences between social networking and business networking are blurred when approaching "socio/business" networking.

Understanding key differences between social and business networking as compared to socio/business networking are worthy of note.

Social Networking generally relates to discussions on cultural to political topics, blogs and marketing; thus, social networking draws like-minded persons to topics less related to enterprise and more related to cultural sharing. Various social platforms are developing, yet most are age-group related or multi-level marketing related. Social networking often provides very little opportunity to network for enterprise development and often involves passive exchange of information.

Business Networking generally relates to discussions on business growth and many are specific to industry. Business networking often draws those seeking employment, consulting and draws like-minded persons to topics related to business opportunity sharing. Various business networking platforms are developing, yet most are industry-group related or related to technical sharing. Various business platforms are developing, yet most are so general in capability that often they ignore cultural discussions leading to enterprise opportunities.

When Small Enterprises approach 'socio/business" networking and related platforms, confusion emerges as to how to act and what can be expected. Socio/Business etiquette helps small enterprises, entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and their associations to combine both social and business networking along with e-commerce, e-infrastructure technical capabilities that permit both active and passive networking.

So, how to approach participating on socio/business network platforms? Socio/Business etiquette!

Socio/Business networking is similar to meeting someone for a business interview at a lunch, dinner, breakfast - so, there are some helpful guidelines...socio/business networking provides a 20/20 or 2020 view of opportunities for business incubation, research, marketing testing, polling, and provides immediate opportunity to commercialize your products or services.

Meeting persons for a meal and conversations about business and culture may be challenging for many.

Some etiquette ideas about socio/business networking:

> Do treat your contact as though they are the host and deserving of deference and respect;
> Do not monopolize the conversation with your contact;
> Do engage your contact by asking or inviting their sharing of topics and interests;
> Do not feel you must lead the conversation, follow the lead of your contact to determine if they prefer to lead with either social or business topics (this will frame the nature of your socio/business relationship);
> Do follow your conversations with appropriateness and ask questions to get to know your contact (Where are you from originally? Tell me about your family?)
> Do not market one-way opportunities, socio/business networking provides opportunities to discover and implement mutually beneficial opportunities.
> Do invite! Find your socio/business networking platform that allows you to actively and passively interact to commercialize opportunities.
> Do not join a networking site or invite your contacts to networking sites that are passive in nature and only permit interactions within the networking site.

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