Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where Small Enterprises Stand! Ingenuity & Socio/Business Relations

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As one of many advocates for small enterprise development and commercialization, in this time of global economic strife, socio/business networking provides the platform for limber ingenuity of small enterprise business models.

In Western culture, there is an old competitive game known as "musical chairs." This game requires that chairs be placed in a tight circle, backs to one another. There is always one less chair than the total competitors, and a chair is removed as a competitor is eliminated. A song is played and the competitors circle the chairs, following one another, until suddenly the music stops. Once the music stops, each competitor standing in front of a chair sits. The song will be stopped suddenly so no competitor has a position advantage, and one competitor will not have a seat and is eliminated. The elimination of competitors and the removal of chairs continues until the last two competitors are remaining. With one chair and the last two competitors, the ingenuity of the last two competitors circling the last chair is amazing to witness. Eventually, one competitor will claim the final chair and wins!

Big business traditionally has had the advantage of small enterprise in the "musical chairs of business competition" but no more! The advantage maintained by big business, until the recent global economic crisis, was not ingenuity of big business but rather the economic might of big business as well as the ability to extend the game with credit and various entrepreneurial creations of expected revenues. No more!

Successful Small Enterprise models operate on pay-as-you-go economics and the reach of relations created through socio/business networking.

So, the musical chairs business competition of small enterprise models does not eliminate competitors, nor removes chairs. In contradiction to the traditional business competitive rules, once favoring big businiess, small enterprise competition adds chairs and adds competitors. Should there be one chair short, small enterprises will share a chair until one can be added! Socio/Business Networking advances "where small enterprises stand!"

Amazing what small enterprises can do...ingenuity and socio/business networking!