Yeah Yeah But Who Are Socio/Business Networkers?

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Yes, with all the talk of 'socio/business' networking (not 'social' or 'business' networking)..., "socio/business networking" and its discussions on bringing small enterprise models into international footprints with the ability of technology and and development of cultural associations, "Who Are Socio/Business Networkers?"

From personal experience, including more than 20 years of national and international business and strategic alliances development, my opinion defines "socio/business networkers" as enterprise entrepreneurs with the following cultural similarities:

- Good will is mutual
- Family is the first priority
- Enjoys a philanthropic dream
- Cares for the future of good culture and our children
- Pay-as-you-go business model oriented
- Never limited by effort nor determination to succeed
- Values and Practices

My Opinion perhaps yet supported by many mentions of blog salutes to visionaries in socio/business networking; like-minded entrepreneurs to small and medium enterprise and enterprise associations developing cultural and business relations, commercializing small enterprise into international footprints. The socio/business networking platforms that provide the reach of technology and the commercialization abilities will quickly learn "Who Are Socio/Business Networkers."


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