Small Enterprise Channeling Energy into Ecommerce

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Small Enterprise Channeling Energy into Ecommerce

Energy and Small Enterprise? Energy and Ecommerce? Small Enterprises, entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprise cover the commerce structures of business.

Think Energy is restricted to commodity markets and big brand names like Exxon, Mobil, BP, Citgo? Think Energy sits only in the hands of Oil Baron States? If you do, then you'll continue to succomb to the standard operating models of global economies.

Small Enterprise, Energy and Ecommerce? A private school near Birmingham, Alabama, Science Department started collecting food waste and related bi-products and created a self-sufficiency in providing its own Energy for grounds transportation. Now, this same private school could list its left over bio-fuel for sale through low cost, Ecommerce Small Enterprise platforms. Energy, Small Enterprise, Ecommerce...just another example...channeling energy into Ecommerce.

What market of commerce does your enterprise serve? Small Enterprise a new influence in Energy and Commerce...what self-sufficient energy could you resell?

Think out-of-the-box, drive your small enterprise model smartly!
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