Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Enterprise Global Blogger Rolling & Polling

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Small Enterprise Global Blogger Rolling & Polling

First call to global bloggers! Socio/Business Network with free membership, 2020Networkers on can roll and poll!

A Small Enterprise Network, contrary to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others, is a social/business networking arena that promotes member brands and more. 2020Networkers(sm) receive passive assistance from the 2020Networker(sm) team promoting socio/business blogs, opportunities, articles, research and more.

Small Enterprises incubating can link or invite group members and establish methods and ideas for commercialization of services and products. 2020Networkers(sm) will benefit from business intelligence feed from the Group.

On the horizon? As completes its beta testing, interested socio/business networkers who register and participate before official launch could receive grandfather benefits in member offerings.

Why join

"We will establish a 'Socio/Business' platform, more capable and contemporary in mix. We will serve a business net-worker mix, increasingly providing add-on's like chatting and more. Eventually, we want people (entrepreneurs, home-based business, small to medium business and their associations) to exchange commerce with a global portal for consumption." says, William Lyman, Heading Technical Development, - designed for home based businesses, entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and small industry associations to develop business on one of the most contemporary, social/business networking sites launched - with an ecommerce platform and future add on capabilities for global small business growth.