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Small Enterprise Ideas? Up Here.

Small Enterprises, entrepreneurs, medium enterprises and enterprise associations have a unique, global view where lessons learned from "boom" economies are lessons to apply in commercializing small enterprise into markets.

Whether India or Ireland, Ecuador or Taiwan, Alabama or Michigan, Small Enterprises followed big businesses blindly into boom economies and stalled. Now, Small Enterprise models combined with socio/business networking can look to small enterprise market indicators from area cultural market intelligence and small enterprise inquiry capability from socio/business intelligence.

Contrary to big business model and big business "boom" economy interpretation, good markets for small enterprise development or growth can be found in markets with the following indicators (disclaimer - this is contrary to big business models):

Small Enterprise Ideas are successfully developed and maintained in markets where:

* The number of manufacturing businesses is medium to high. Small Enterprises develop product, import and distribute goods sourced through low cost, working capital, and small enterprise socio/business networked economies.

* There is capital intensive manufacturing, large firms have more time and money to outsource research and creating new and better products and services through small enterprise operating models.

* The business services sector is low to medium, markets where business services are outsourced are less inclined to expand organizational structure and more inclined toward small enterprise ideas and the socio/business benefits received through small enterprise, working capital models.

* Construction is moderate with most in planning, and locations where craftspeople and tradespeople are limited. Small Enterprise models and socio/business networked enterprises are in demand to assist in implementation and sourcing.

Small Enterprise Models and Ideas are the catalyst for Wealth and Affluence in a new global economy where small enterprises fuel affluent consumer cultures and affluent business relationships.

From Up Here, Small Enterprise Ideas spark a chain reaction, leading to further new and sustained business opportunities in optimum markets.

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