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Small Enterprise Ideas ""..Business On-Line Cafe’! Is this small enterprise idea creating working capital?!

A collaborative small enterprise platform, where home-based, small enterprises, schools, cities and entrepreneurs can list available items to sell. A fully capable, ecommerce, einfrastructure platform, socio/business oriented and can actively as well as passively promote their brand of items, made to sell via an Ecommerce brand into the selling marketplace.

Small enterprise, home based and socio/business networked participants subscribe, brand and commercialize their business with low costs subscriptions of $200 USD or less.

Located on, Small enterprises can claim area branding and initiate an operating business model based on orders received and can secure debited capital over their platform. Subscribers can brand their Made2Sell items with complimentary branding opportunities like:\mybrandname...or other creative co-branding opportunities.

Purchasers, include all area businesses and homes whose benefits include an easy-online location where orders can be placed at low-cost fees and purchasers can pick up or set up pick up and delivery with the small enterprise Made2Sell subscribers.

A low cost, smart enterprise solution…Business On-Line Cafe…small enterprise deliver!

Could this be your idea? Group!

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