Monday, February 16, 2009

Small Enterprise A Look At Big Business Model

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Small Enterprise A Look At Big Business Model

As an advocate for Small Enterprise and actively sharing business intelligence on working capital creation for small enterprise, A Look At Big Business Model of credit operating models combined with labor competitive industries versus collaborative consumerism, the contrast and consequences of business operating models has never been more apparent.

Researchers on end, economist of the highest order agree in the majority with the insistance that Small Enterprise remains the "key" economic element to global recovery and future success. As business developers, immersed in steering appropriate small enterprise operating models, entities like Moody's and other similar ratings agencies were asleep at the switch as the remaining free market evaluator of business operations and success.

Why hadn't Moody's evaluated the extensive credit operating market that permeated the largest of U.S. Automakers' business models? Why had these agencies failed to see the devaluation in market brand as old technology combined with hardened labor expenses tettered on the verge of failure? Improper operating models became the acceped norm. In the "great industrial years" large businesses owned properties and grew tangible assets along with technology pushing new and current market domination. As big business operating models shifted to credit operating models and hardened labor combative purposes, small enterprise models emerged on macrocommercial platforms like Ebay. In Ebay, small enterprise entrepreneurs had greater access and collaborative business and technology assistance to commercialize even home-based enterprises.

The "Dot" com challenge, demonstrated the awe in spirit of agencies that continue to value credit operating models...none so clear as the credit value models that failed during the "Dot" com period.

Small Enterprise Models can utilize working capital and develop individual brands and ecommerce international footprints. Choosing small enterprise platforms demands the same diligence in searching the pro's and con's of having your own on-line business brand and the platforms activity in promoting your platform along with other like-minded socio/business networkers operating on pay-as-you-go operating models and nimble enough to purchase workable, low-cost platforms on an annual versus monthly fee basis.

Small Enterprise Models, having tested the value of operating models during the "Dot" com burst demonstrate the wisedom evolving from small enterprise advancing and commercializing into international footprints on self-branded platforms.

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