Saturday, February 7, 2009

Small Enterprises Plug In

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The type of investment Small Enterprises need, "Plug In." From yard sale items to large properties, from small enterprise manufactured goods to small enterprise technology or services, Small Enterprise entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and associations or socio/business neworkers can open the door to new or expanded business with their brand and desired market reach.

Looking for working capital? Many entrepreneurs hop on the E-bay wagon, where a middle-man charge is only so insulting as the lack of branding opportunities for a recurrent working capital. Not having an individual e-commerce, e-infrastructure platform is like dropping your goods and services off at a consignment shop. Yes, truly something is better than nothing yet what about the next sale of product or services? What brand image and reputation have you independently created? What is the value of recurrent working capital in someone else's brand or platform? Accessing a low cost e-comm, e-infra socio/business platform is often quite easier than registering and doing all the set up for a commercial platform like E-bay.

Portals are the ultimate, totally capable, and worldwide grid option for the small enterprise international footprint reach. Plugging in VOIPs, and more complex functionality can be found with assistance from somewhat philanthropic groups like Yet, the combination platforms and socio/business linked, both active and passive marketing and low cost platforms are available from other small enterprise oriented groups such at the Group.

Truly, if you are a home based entrepreneur, small enterprise, or small to medium enterprise association or socio/business networker, your best opportunity for working capital is immediately at your fingertips and can be handled by using your business taskbar to commercialize your enterprise.
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