Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Small Enterprise…No…no…no!

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Obama Small Enterprise…No…no…no!

No ill will toward President Obama and criticism of Obama and his knowledge of small enterprise can be argued; however, one would expect and demand the great “wisedom” which surround him from his Economic Advisory Group would advise him with better perspective. The confusing thing for his advisors and therefore with Obama’s “new initiative” (big banks and big businesses lend a certain proportion of lending to small enterprise development) is that “small enterprise working models” are successful and sustained if left alone and not contaminated with big business, big bank, big government interference.

Contaminating the Small Enterprise Market with Bailout and Credit Models is not part of successful entrepreneurial enterprises...looking back "Reagan"... Enterprise Intelligence says “Obama Small Enterprise No! Business On-Line Cafe Socio/Business Network 2020

Parading small enterprise entrepreneurs before the media and in eloquent speeches, participants from the small enterprise groups are those few that have already contaminated their small enterprise working models based on working capital into the larger conversion of big business and models based on credit availability. Small Enterprises are successful when left alone to prove the commercialization based on “real and sustainable” working capital.

In this case, Enterprise Intelligence says “Obama Small Enterprise…No…no…no! Do not patronize the small enterprise market with examples of small enterprises that have left their business model. Parading can be sharading and will certainly lead to another bubble but this time in the small enterprise market.

There is some history as to this mistaken ideology of business from this great group of advisors. The same ideology was instituted in demanding big business and big banks extend credit to the working capital families who in no way could sustain the necessary working capital to honor the loans.

Enterprise Intelligence, be smart deliver…successful small enterprise sustain working capital and commercialize into international footprints. Enterprise Intelligence Business On-Line Cafe Enterprise Services

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