Sunday, March 15, 2009

Small Enterprise A Beautiful Woman From Africa

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Small Enterprise A Beautiful Woman From Africa

Having walked the Highlands, Alps, Jungles, Deserts and privileged to experience so many levels of culture and commerce in small enterprise, there is always that moment when you experience those rare persons who despite all odds and with so many personal sacrifices make you stop and reflect in the best of culture and commerce. And, so is my experience with A Beautiful Woman From Africa.

For Geopolitical and other sensitivity reasons, I will not name this Woman, nor will I speak of which Country she is from. I would share that you may know of this Woman and you would most certainly know of the suffering and strife of her area. Some would describe her as a deeply spiritual and strong minded Whoopi Goldberg look-alike. She maintains several small enterprise efforts from her home and has much less than before the "great suffering", where so many lost loved ones and ethnicities broke all semblances of culture. She is a Woman who by no choice of her own, sacrifices for her husband and remaining sons dispensed outside of Africa. Yet, this Woman, rich in culture and deep in faith, maintains the most beautiful parts of small enterprise character...a deference when you meet her and admiration once you hear her speak. She exudes no bitterness, her single-focus of family fuels her. She always dresses in the history of her culture, never shying from where she comes from and how good and equally competitive her people are.

And, for my experience. She arrived in the South of the United States, a region rich in cultural diversity yet historically troubled on its path to same. I remember introducing her to persons from each spectrum of class, belief and heritage. How amazing and refreshing it was to see the same experience for this Woman, deference...then admiration for A Beautiful Woman From Africa.

Culture and Commerce...small enterprises, count on them.
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