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Small Enterprise Culture and Commerce Traditions Africa

When values match, small enterprise commercialization makes sense! A strident advocate for socio/business networking and fellow entrepreneur for small enterprise development into international footprints, observing cultures and the better attributes of value oriented business and friendship makes entrepreneurship the most exciting aspect of any business model worldwide.

It's amazing how values, across cultures, are more common than many entrepreneurs or small enterprises truly believe. My recent experience, may be like one you might have had.

Simply, I am of a conservative ideology. I believe in smaller government involvement, independence, fair and equal treatment of all and a strong desire to preserve the best qualities of the culture I come from and the cultures I have observed.

So...recently, I met with a young college student and a person from Africa. What was so great in the opportunity was to have the young college student explain to the African (in the native language) that the United States is not just Republican and Democrat. Further, that the USA is divided among those of conservative or traditional values and those of more liberal or progressive values. He explained, there was another group in the USA called Independents.

With Republicans, the core ideology is smaller government involvement and a strict preservation of individual rights and liberties. They believe government should have nominal control of the life of its citizens and their social and economic believes are conservative.

With Democrats, the core ideology of bigger government involvement in the life of its citizens is combined in the shared the values of liberalism in both social and economic application of government and a "one-for-all" belief.

The Independents, are party neutral but tend to lean more conservative and therefore more Republican in support.

He "meaning me", is a conservative. The person from Africa replied, "Me too!"

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