Small Medium Enterprises Brand Character

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Small Medium Enterprise Brand Character

Developing brand by small to medium enterprises requires vision and quite often gets lost in function rather than character. Recognizing alternatives in branding may very well set your small to medium enterprise apart from others branding on function brands.

Recognize the image? This small enterprise, entrepreneur is arguably one of the most recognized and admired characters of a small enterprise brand than records can account for. Harland Sanders, "Colonel Sanders", founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, developed a deeply enriched, culturally complimentary, recipe for chicken preparation. Colonel Sanders' respect for his product and consumer happiness lead him to the brilliance of branding character (his image) rather than "the chicken". The Colonel teased the importance of his recipe yet his presence and image provided the character of one of the most successful small enterprise brands in the World.

Small to Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurs should certainly seek input from like-minded enterprise entrepreneurs, seek assistance in developing market insight for their product or service (enterprise intelligence), and most certainly should test brand character versus functionality through socio/business networks and polling with like-minded enterprises. Due diligence, though, is not complete without the vision of the you choose functionality branding or character branding? Should you choose character for your brand or should you choose function for you brand?

Colonel Harland Sanders demonstrates a visionary, small enterprise, entrepreneur, savvy in culture, developed with working capital pay-as-you-go commerce, and a character of his brand...not the chicken...small to medium enterprises, entrepreneurs may find more success in culture branding (character) versus business branding (function).

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