Sunday, April 5, 2009

Business On-Line Cafe Traffic Shutdown UK Servers in Enterprise Idea

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Business On-Line Cafe Traffic Shutdown UK Servers in Enterprise Idea

Kaboom! Business On-Line Group Enterprise Development Group...spoke with UK server hosting service on Friday before Business On-Line Cafe's release of its newest Small Enterprise developed idea and operating model for the global print industry..."Print Industry"

However, no sooner than announcing the latest and perhaps First 21st Century Trillion Dollar Enterprise, server usage at the hosting UK service exploded and has temporarily shutdown Business On-Line Cafe over the weekend. WRLyman, who heads technical development, stated, "...We knew the hosting service was an up and coming service and the reaction on Saturday, April 5th, was overwhelming. Because of the explosion of socio/business oriented content, information, assistance and enterprise developmental opportunities shared for worldwide use, it was only a matter of time. We will work this weekend to move Business On-Line Cafe to a much higher capacity server capability and are looking ahead."

So, what was the impetus? Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs and small enterprise ideas are reaching worldwide attention at the Business On-Line Cafe and also at provides Enterprise Intelligence and is designed to deliver information and assistance to home, entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises and their associations. In confidence, WRLyman stated, "...the Enterprise Intelligence, socio/business platform was designed and hosted on our dedicated platform and is already attracting three times the attention in compliment to Group's Business On-Line Cafe." the Group's Business On-Line Cafe...rang the bell from venture capital to media newsgroups as well as on-line is a sample:

First Trillion Dollar Enterprise May Have Been Born On Business On-Line Cafe

Could the First Trillion Dollar Enterprise Just Have Developed from the Business On-Line Cafe? Plug In!…Small Enterprise Ideas…Print Media Savior!!…Small Enterprise Ideas…Print Media Savior! from the Business On-Line Cafe Group Enterprise Development and Commercialization…Print Media comes alive with virtual presence and commercials!…and that is only the half of it…could this be your idea?

Print Media comes alive with virtual presence and commercials!…could this be your idea?…

Imagine visiting your favorite print medias (New York Times, Financial Times, China Daily, Prensa and more) on!

Tune in to your favorite “print media channel” like'\newyorktimeschannel and your print media comes alive! Not just the normal black and white print, but life behind and with the print. Follow your favorite print media and print writers through their “article”. Listen to articles come to life with pictures that click on more complete photography and video! Your favorite commercials appear as you peruse the newschannels on!

Print media’s competition with virtual media, slants in favor of print media on!…visit cities like Birmingham, Alabama and the “Birmingham News Channel.”

See local commercials and view the life and images behind the stories. Subscribers tune in for free and can pre-select their favorite “print media” channels or scan the print media channels, clicking in and out as the news takes them through the virtual life of print media.

And not just a new paradigm for Print Media from small enterprise socio/business oriented platforms, but a lower cost opportunity to extend their print media reach and frequency, allows measurement and trends of posts and commercial viewing. Advertising dollars follow the trend in new ideas for old business.

Low cost to preserve their print media? Yes…for less than the costs of giveaways or a local newshandler per year, print media can secure their channels on! for $12,000 USD per year; Wow! A tangible expenditure with more than virtual results. Print media will converge along with the traditional socio/business oriented readers and viewers Plug In to “your channel” on!

And there is more behind the "engine", the socio/business platform has mouthwatering features for Print Media and Virtual Print Media participants. Could this be your and possibilities?

Enterprise Intelligence and Enterprise Opportunities at your fingertips…small enterprise deliver!

Small enterprises, together in culture and commerce…small enterprises deliver. Enterprise Intelligence Stimulating Enterprise Development Into International Footprints Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe

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