Collaborating a future for Detroit ...enterprise thinking outside the box

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Collaborating a future for Detroit ...enterprise thinking outside the box!

When enterprise stagnates under the ultra-success of labor intensive industries, failure to think outside the box and collaborate to stimulate continuous enterprise development often ends in the current situation facing Detroit, Michigan.

For too long, car industry mania sustained Michigan and most especially Detroit. Opportunities flooded the doorstep of those responsible and those able to create a continuous enterprise zone. When you think of Detroit, what do you think of? Ford, GM and others as well as the depressed market.

Michigan is trying something; hired consultants, increased government, paid advertisers, offered business tax deals, offered to pay new employee training; so, yes, something is being done. That something is not collaborative and is truly a bureaucratic approach to stimulating enterprise development.

A further example of tunnel vision and reactive enterprise development, would be the handing out of lucrative favors in trade or deductions to solicit a big business presence. This bureaucratic and non-collaborative effort sacrifices the development of Detroit's entrepreneurism and the revival of good enterprise brands from Detroit, like "MoTown."

There is a positive in this negative, as the Story of the shoe enterprise goes: A shoe enterprise sent two salesmen, separately, to investigate new market opportunities. The first salesman returned and said, there was no market because no one wore shoes. The second salesman returned, extremely enthusiastic, and could barely contain his enthusiasm when stating, the market is fantastic, no one is wearing shoes! Meaning? The opportunity is there. Just like the second salesman, think outside the box. Which salesman would you collaborate with?

So, what next for Detroit? Opportunities abound to collaborate on a socio/business network for enterprise solutions and think outside the box with a vision for continuous enterprise development and brand a reputation of Detroit as the new entrepreneur nirvana in the U.S.

Challenges faced when transitioning from single industry focus dependency, demand the enabling and continuous development of enterprise from enterprise and the promotion of sociobusiness collaboration, rather than enabling with bureaucratic solutions.

Enterprise solutions evolve commerce and many are always at your fingertips:

Detroit's Enterprise Ideas and Continuous Plan for Enterprise from Enterprise Development -

*Tourism - how many enterprise ideas and collaborative opportunities promoting the best of Detroit can a socio/business network provide? The flavor of Detroit and it's sister city of Windsor! The land of the Great Lakes, a Sociobusiness collaboration between Windsor and Detroit and all of Michigan...get busy.

*Entertainment - how many enterprise ideas and collaborative opportunities promoting the best of Detroit can a socio/business network provide? Tour the flavor of the World in Detroit's culturally diverse, vast and entrepreneurial entertainment and eating venues ! Sociobusiness collaboration between Detroit's entertainment venues and venues in culturally themed locations from around the World...get busy.

Stimulate enterprise development to commercialization in the new paradigm of sociobusiness collaboration. Think outside the box and enhance success for enterprise ideas to commercialization. There are many Detroits ...small enterprise ideas deliver!

From challenging events and challenging environments, small enterprise solutions provide the best in socio/business development, making Enterprise Ideas a good idea. Small Enterprise Ideas, deliver!

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