Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 2009 Join a Socio/Business Network with MyLymanBlogspot

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Just like this Guy... He is looking for a sneak peak ahead of May 2009.

In May of 2009, Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Enterprise Associations can converge to see enterprise development with a 2020 Vision. Responsible, entrepreneurs, enterprises and enterprise associations soon to converge on the "2020Window(sm)" at "" and ISM2020(sm)!

In May of 2009! Follow More "MyLymanBlogspot" and the Small Medium Enterprise and On-Line Marketing on the Socio/Business Network of ISM2020(sm)...May 2009!

Join a collaborative platform Visit be welcomed to the most contemporary socio/business collaborative platform developed with sociobusiness as the newest paradigm enabling responsible socio/business development!

Responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises and enterprise associations, submit your request for free membership. Approved members will be welcomed to the portal for enterprise development, socio/business oriented and inspired to assist in stimulating enterprises into international footprints.

Reach the most contemporary socio/business network, providing research, advanced knowledge, business platforms and international partnership footprints from information, incubation, and the sharing of enterprise opportunities and commercialization through technologies!, a sociobusiness collaborative platform, designed to service and stimulate new business with information, technology, including networking & business matchmaking activities into international footprints and commerce.

Are you a responsible, sociobusiness entrepreneur or enterprise? Whether research, business or social net worker based,develop responsible new business partnerships and accelerated commercialization of either home-based, industry association based, or small to medium enterprise based, like-minded businesses with international footprints.

See through the "2020Window(sm)" at the Socio/Business Network(sm). Collaborate, interact and research basic as well as advanced knowledge sharing to stimulate enterprise, business and entrepreneur development from inception through commercialization.

As an approved 2020Networker(sm), participate and discover new partnerships, accelerating commercialization of entrepreneur, enterprises and enterprise industry association members.

Join and enable small to medium enterprise ideas into international footprints; from inception to turn-key opportunities. Socio/Business 2020 See You There, May 2009!

If you have more questions about small enterprise development, models, reach and frequency and more…visit and register your enterprise.

Enterprise Intelligence and Enterprise Opportunities at your fingertips…small enterprise deliver! See You 2020 in May 2009 at the Socio/Business Nework(sm),!

Small enterprises, together in culture and commerce…small enterprises deliver. (May 2009 on Socio/Business Network ISM2020(sm)...see you there! Enterprise Intelligence Stimulating Enterprise Development Into International Footprints Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe

Socio/Business Network 2020 and internationals

SocioBusinessHosting(sm) and - Enterprise Oriented Socio/Business…delivering small enterprises to commercialization…Launches late April 2009!