North Korea Takes Bad Idea and Makes Good! Could Totalitarianism ease to Capitalism, an Enterprising Concept…


Stimulating Enterprise Development?  North Korean Only Solution in Small Medium Enterprise                      
                                commercialization and denuclearization

North Korea Takes Bad Idea and Makes Good!
Could Totalitarianism ease to Capitalism, an Enterprising Concept…could this be the future of a peaceful, small enterprise, North Korea?

North Korea Could develop a bad idea of ballistic and nuclear strategic preservation into a working capital and good idea for its people?

Really, who would have thought that less than forty-years (40) ago, the Soviets would figure out that Socialism and Capitalism have an enterprising concept in Space? Then Communist Soviet Union’s bad idea to grow in Space by militarizing in Space failed and retarded Soviet participation in joint Space enterprises.

Enterprising a bad idea into a good idea, Socialist oriented Russia didn’t take long to figure Socialism and Capitalism could conceptualize a Russian Commercial Space Program. Media news reports Russia collects more than 30 million USD per “capitalist” or “entrepreneur” it launches into Space. Win-win for the Russians and an enhanced image of Russia as a global Space partner.

North Korea's only steps to a peaceful solution could be good enterprise development;'s assured destruction!

Imagine a startling announcement, Leader Kim emerges and states North Korea’s intent to immediately de-nuclearize, de-weaponize, end Iranian covert relations and enter the green movement and commercial enterprise development in Space with low-fee Space burials for all willing to pay! Could the North Koreans make a once bad idea a good idea?  Well?  There is a niche for space burials!

All interested parties can reserve their Space Burial reservations by logging into North Korea’s ultimate tourist opportunity

North Korea could commercialize Space enthusiast with the ultimate in eco-friendly solutions to your final carbon footprint…Join the final resting ship as your group of one-hundred (100) crewman venture into the endless reaches of Space. Web camera’s show relatives and viewers the how crew-members are carefully loaded and prepared for their peaceful and final journey into Space. Specially equipped cameras, send back images and approximate location, complete with images of Stars and Planets captured from the journey.

If North Korea enters peace this peaceful solution, it might commerce with a verifiable and globally accepted enterprise rocket-use program and creating millions of dollars in working capital for the peaceful entrance of North Korea into small enterprise commerce. At, Leader Kim offers all the opportunity to join the ultimate journey into the endless heavens of Space.

Imagine, North Korea creating working capital and improving global relations. Leader Kim and fellow country-men relinquish trafficking in Nuclear and Weapons programs, endless starvation challenges, and human right’s controls and begin re-tooling their Rockets for global acceptance and small enterprise capital for North Korean citizens.

Announcing “”, that’s right! With a new and eco-innovative way to reduce carbon footprints from Earth burials, North Korea has re-tooled its Rockets to launch ashes of “capitalist” and “entrepreneurs” into permanent Space Burials.

With catchy and innovative marketing like “It’s Our Commitment to Get Every Last Capitalist’s or Entrepreneur’s Ash into Space,” and “At North Korean Space Burials…Your Ash is Ours!” Wealthy capitalist and entrepreneurs can both reach the Ultimate in Eco-activism and commitment as Space Burial hands North Korea peaceful alternative and making a bad idea a good idea.

Could this be a working capital idea? provides Rockets with interiors shaped like well-known television spaceships. Final remains are provided rank and mission location and launch in their final and endless journey in Space. allows simple crew and rank selections, as well as appropriate fee-for-designation of mission authority, rank and remains location reservations. Packages ranging from $100,000 USD to $500,000 USD ensures as much as $1,000,000 USD to $5,000,000 USD per Rocket Space Burial.

From challenging events and challenging environments, small enterprise solutions provide the best in socio/business development, making a bad idea a good idea. Small Enterprise Ideas, deliver!

Could it be?  If China and Russia demand it!

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