Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Salute to Engineer Entrepreneurs The Enthusiasm Small Medium Enterprise Ideas

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Salute to Engineer Entrepreneurs The Enthusiasm Small Medium Enterprise Ideas

"Never paint any community with a broad brush," said, my Father! and, I don't. In fact, in each entrepreneur community the perspectives of Engineer or Technical Entrepreneurs sets this truly brilliant force apart! Replete with solutions.

Over many years of enterprise development and across multiple cultures, and commerce around the Globe, some of my most memorable development or co-development projects involved Engineer or Technical entrepreneurs. Whether the Greater Asia Pacific, Enterprise promoters from Poland, or an aspiring group of best culture and commerce Engineers from Ecuador, I wish I could have had "you" there.

One night at my hotel in the Greater Asia Pacific region, I received a call from an Engineer Entrepreneur representing a group of researchers having advanced their products for multiple eco-friendly applications. The front desk operator rang my phone at 10 pm, saying that a gentleman had insisted he get through to you. I took the call and in speaking with this Engineer...I couldn't slow him down..."break through...break through..." "Break through," and the enthusiasm behind, well I had to meet with him.

In the Lobby, late at night, he showed with a suitcase. We drank warm water and tea as he began pulling out all the instruments needed to demonstrate the truth for his enthusiasm. A surge of admiration came over me. This Engineer entrepreneur has gone so far, lacking no hesitance, "how many times has he done this before, I asked myself?"

I wanted to bestow some useful wisedom, some switch that I could flip on that could immediately take what he had worked so hard to create. As I listened, and occurred to me.

His solutions were extremely marketable, but so technical...he couldn't see the need to develop his brand in less than 30 seconds. The technical simplicity did not always translate to "brand."

Developing brand helps you measure marketable solutions which helps develop successful business operating models. Business operating models, help organize other aspects of enterprise development such as production requirements, logistics, and even evolution of brands.

His demonstration of applications were so technically presented, he hadn't developed his Group's Brand solution.

I reached into my idea pocket and suggested a brand model. He listened, taking notes, he scooted to the end of his chair. I explained the significance of reach and frequency for any enterprise development, his solution would lie in the results of demand to market brand testing that would then lead to an operating model and eventual commercialization into multiple industries and international footprints.

He began to repeat me as I engaged in more tangible, descriptions of how to measure his reach and his frequency of reach, and I expanded the conversation with examples of like-minded successful users of this enterprise development intelligence.

Two-hours had passed and it was well into the humid, tropic night...he paused as I paused. Minutes passed. He began scribbling, writing faster and faster and then he stopped. He looked at me, showed me his piece of paper and smiled. With two-hands each extended to one another, we shook hands and bowed. He left, shoulders erect and I believe, maybe it was just me, but I believe he had a skip in his step!

Salute to Engineer Entrepreneurs The Enthusiasm Small Medium Enterprise Ideas, small enterprise ideas, developed in the best of culture and commerce (socio/business) orientation...helping small enterprise and entrepreneurs deliver and commercialize into international footprints.

Yours in Culture and Commerce.

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