Small Enterprise Ideas! Calling all Artists “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)

Small Enterprise Ideas! Calling all Artists “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)

Small Enterprise Ideas! Calling all Artists “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)”Small Enterprise Ideas! Calling All Artists…”TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)”

Small Enterprise Ideas and Solutions…Enterprise Intelligence from the…Stimulating Enterprise Commercialization into International Footprints.

Small Enterprises ideas and Entrepreneurs deliver “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)” platform revealing a global socio/business platform for collaboration and aspiring artists of all kinds…musicians, writers, script writers, producers, painters, background and fashion artists…all participating for the TAG2Award(sm) voted by viewing audiences and potential artist contact!

“TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)” platform provides subscribing artists with uploading of jingles, partial photos/backgrounds, script executive summaries that can be viewed by specific artist, specific category of artist, highest viewed artist and vote their artist for the TAG2Award(sm)! Aspiring artists are provided TAG2(sm) Email Addresses and can upload short executive summaries, partial images, backgrounds, features, jingles of up to mature subject matter. All for a single 19.99 USD, for a three-month subscription.

And there is more at “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)”, internet viewers all view and can vote on artist summaries and samples. Viewers from all professions, including entertainment, agency, brand, can peruse artists’ summaries as well and for a participation contact fee can view a brief of the artist and a greater description of the artist’s submission. Viewers can select artists’ by categories and and sample artists’ summaries from around the World. Serious viewers can participate and contact selected artists for a collaborative submission fee of $1.99 USD per initial artist contact.

Oh, Yes!…And, artists aspiring for the TAG2Award(sm) there is more for you and…”TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)” viewers. Subscribing general viewers $.99 USD per can not only peak at the newest or hottest TAG2Award(sm) recipients, but also can participate in selecting artists for the matchmaking productions. TAG2(sm) general subscribers can vote and combine artists to create full features, scripts and musical and fashion compliments…all from summaries.

Like the Internet Family Best Selection for Arts and Entertainment TheAwardGos2.Com(sm) viewers can learn to mix match artists from categories and click match and vote the collaboration of artists destined for attraction, production or an enterprise opportunity as a Top TAG2Award(sm) Recipient for the Year.

Viewers will flood to view collaborative artists’ summaries and create productions and vote their creations to potential interested parties. All in safety of confidence through initial TAG2(sm) Email privacy. When artists are ready to reply…just select, “ me!” or “no…thank you for your consideration!”.

Aspiring Artists from Around the World Join in what could be the great Artist and Entertainment experience of your life! “TheAwardGos2.Com(sm)”…Small Enterprise Ideas Deliver… Enterprise Ideas Contact Us.

And there is more behind the “engine”, the socio/business platform has mouthwatering features for Artists and Virtual Artist Viewers and interested participants. Could this be your Idea…contact and TheAwardGos2.Com(sm) possibilities?

And there is more, the socio/business platform. Could this be your Idea?

Enterprise Intelligence and Enterprise Opportunities at your fingertips…small enterprise deliver!

Small enterprises, together in culture and commerce…small enterprises deliver. Enterprise Intelligence Stimulating Enterprise Development Into International Footprints Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe

Socio/Business Network 2020 and internationals

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