Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enterprise Development ...Trade 10 U.S. Economic Advisors for China's Chen Deming

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Enterprise Development ...What if the U.S.A. Traded 10 U.S. Economic Advisors for China's Chen Deming?

Forget it! China would say, "Are you kidding?" As the USA founders for enterprise development and an Enterprise oriented Secretary of Commerce, China may be taking the lead in international footprints and sociobusiness collaboration.

U.S. Administration's Economic Advisors are trying to cram big-brother into every element of Commerce, each coming with predispositions for Government involvement in business; yet China, and enterprises looking for a continuous-enterprise-development zone are oddly doing just the opposite - no wonder, China wouldn't take 10 U.S. Economic Advisors for one SocioBusiness entrepreneur.

Equipped with a clear mandate to make things better, Minister Deming is steering sociobusiness collaboration into multiple enterprise development zones. Where many big businesses may be in fear of the "old" China and USA conspiracy theory of mutually assured economic destruction. China says no...and in time so will the U.S. Administration Economic Advisors.

The USA Administration should take the lead and in time will take the lead through Enterprise Economic Development but when will it come? Look for 2011 for the USA to move full force into sociobusiness collaboration and the development of free enterprise, continuous economic development zones lead by enterprise from enterprise development.

For now, the 10 USA Administration Economic Advisors are sure to stay comfortably at home as China dances into the future of enterprise development...with a two-year, headstart.

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