Oh? Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Looking At You Through Enterprise Ideas

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Oh? Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Looking At You Through Enterprise Ideas

In the United States, alone, the commonly known fact that 52% of the economy derives or thrives through entrepreneurs and enterprises - imagine the power of expansion in continuous-enterprise-development-zones. The power of entrepreneurism through enterprise socio/business collaborations, permits a greater opportunity for commercialization from an idea or current enterprise to international footprints and partnerships. In growing enterprise oriented, sociobusiness Top 100, continuous-enterprise-development-zones are emerging. Establishing new paradigms for enterprise development and becoming powerhouses for promoting international development to commercialization with like-minded, responsible entrepreneurs and enterprise

Prior Era Social or Business Networking served as a "period collaboration process," where casual or formal meeting events could provide a greater opportunity to commercialize ideas and enterprises. Simple Social or Business Networking, as a period collaboration, is becoming more internationally intelligent, evolving in responsible socio/business network groups. SocioBusiness capable and better understanding of collaborating within the cultural and business practices creates emerging enterprise development zones. Networking with Foreign Counterparts,another issue barrier in enhancing enterprise ideas from simple networking diminishes barriers with responsible continuous enterprise development zones.

Old versus New? Simple Networking (Social or Business Networking) platforms are more entertainment oriented and less interested in the new paradigm of socio/business collaborations. Additionally, the myriad of "social or business networking" platforms, while promoting some philanthropic promotion, novel ideas along with offers of member features, including free tools, arguably has deteriorated Simple Networking platforms into a hodgepodge of: shock and awe content mixed political and cultural nuances. With little to no collaborations evolving it is no wonder that sociobusiness network types are promoting continuous-enterprise-development-zones.

Small Enterprise and Entrepreneur development demand a new paradigm in platform design with a clear,collaborative philosophy of commitment to small enterprise and entrepreneur development. Socio/Business collaborations converge genuine excitement and mutually beneficial, responsible, like-minded enterprise ideas and the cooperative development to commercialization.

By sociobusiness collaborations "…conceptualizing enterprise vision and solutions collaboratively, enables greater success to market. Collaboration exchange across borders and languages are well into play. As enterprise ideas deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…”WRLymanGroup”

Socio/Business Entrepreneurs offer many collaborations with the understanding that enterprise development begins a new community of enterprise development zones …some come from sharing knowledge and others may come from sharing trade routes and others may come from empowering with technological collaborations. Take Ukraine, Argentina and the power of entrepreneur energy development and solutions…

Welcoming responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises to the continuous-enterprise-development-zone, in an exclusive socio/business network(sm) and an appropriate return address!

Enterprise Intelligence and Enterprise Opportunities at your fingertips…small enterprise deliver!

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WRLyman.com Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe Building Small Enterprise and International Footprints!

An Exclusive, Socio/Business Network 2020 ISM2020.com(sm) and internationals …!

SocioBusinessHosting(sm) and SocioBusinessHosting.com - An Exclusive, Enterprise Oriented Socio/Business…delivering small enterprises to commercialization on a continuous enterprise development zone…!

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