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Enabling Entrepreneurs and Small Enterprise versus Politicians Creating Jobs - Small Enterprise Ideas MyLymanBlogspot

The Mantra? Jobs, jobs, jobs... You can almost imagine one would believe that innovation, or advances in technology, new or working business models all ceased when the U.S. and other Nations Banks and stock markets tanked this year! Could it be? Could this year of tolled the death knoll for entrepreneurism? Could Google, the IPOD and Kindall be the last of entrepreneurism? Or, might the Political efforts, under the ill-conceived notion that Government can create jobs, be the single issue gagging job growth while exponentially raising U.S. Debt?!

U.S. Politicians in majority, in both the U.S. House and Senate, as well as the Executive Branch are all in a tizzy and dithering with ..."just how do Politicians create jobs?"

Their ideological namesake in the era of the depression, FDR, tried to create jobs by growing Government, that is. So, it's not too hard to imagine, that absent some anti-ideological epiphany, this U.S. majority dominated Government would do anything less than re-play the FDR choice of making jobs, "Government jobs."

What was wrong with FDR's choice? Everything. The U.S. markets and innovation crawled at a snail's pace and languished in the FDR era of big Government. If it were not for the unbridled demand in innovation caused by the build-up and charge placed by World War II, America would have continued to languish in a stalemate of big Government jobs and programs in efforts to create jobs.

Stimulating entrepreneurism and the spirit of innovation is and always has been the truth for "jobs" creation. From two guys in a College dorm came "Google", from a couple of young men in a basement came the likes of MicroSoft and Apple. With less than a reported potential seven IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) for the 2009 year, could one wonder...could it be that people are not creating or is it the Government, Big Banks and Big Business or Hedge Funds that are so upside down in ideological thinking that a stalemate has occurred as to who will indeed create the opportunity for jobs.

It's not enough to just opine a contra-point-of-view, so perhaps some layman's small enterprise ideas might be in order. Are you listening?

Look no further than the social and business vehicles or portals where entrepreneurs, small business, small to medium enterprises are gathering. Social Business collaborations are continuously developing cooperative, working capital business models. Where are these continuous-enterprise-development zones? How about a simple "Google" search of "socio/business networking and hosting," or "continuous-enterprise-development-zones," or even "small enterprise ideas?"

In November 2009, Goldman Sachs announced it would infuse $500,000,000 (five-hundred-million) (USD) into the small business, small enterprise marketplace. The U.S. Secretary of Treasury decreed to Big Banks words to the effect " is your duty to revitalize small business and small enterprise..." Hmmmmnnn! Perhaps, just perhaps something just short of that epiphany could be occurring..."stimulating entrepreneurs and small enterprise versus Government intervention and the ill-intended disabling of same."

No question about it, no matter where your Country market is right now, the U.S. market is the center or core of the most dependable small enterprise market in the World. Without U.S. small enterprise innovation, reliable sociobusiness networks, and sociobusiness collaborative partners, enterpreneurism and small enterprise international footprints and job creation will stagnate Worldwide.

Governments, Politicians, Big Banks, Hedge Funds, and large conglomerates might benefit from the very tool sitting on their desks at this moment; how about a simple "Google" search...start with "continuous-enterprise-development-zones" for the vehicles to reinvigorate market innovation, entrepreneurism and the creation of new wealth and small enterprises.

Small Enterprises deliver from new, alternative trade routes and zones, to sociobusiness collaborations and networks using working capital models.

Small Enterprises and Community needs are the sociobusiness collaborative solution to what ails the global community and your small enterprise or entrepreneurism can find its home here!

Welcoming responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises to the continuous-enterprise-development-zone, in an exclusive socio/business network(sm) and an appropriate return address!

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