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Entrepreneurs Small Business Small Enterprise - Mistaking "Climate Change" Will Stagnate Green Entrepreneurism SocioBusiness Collaborations - MyLyman.Blogspot.com
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If we don't face the "Climate Change" Mistake, only big business and government will benefit in another World of Climate Change Derivatives like "Carbon Credits." Really, what are Carbon Credits? You buy some sort of credit from someone else who reduces their pollution output. Really? Are you kidding? A perverted and fake instrument in this blogger's opinion

Entrepreneurs Small Business Small Enterprise should be gathering to debunk the theory that has discredited and misguided green, pollution free efforts with our environment versus a useless competition with the Earth's natural process of changing continents and the climate change associated with the reforming of the Earth's plates and the change in weather patterns.

Look up Plate Techtonics. Plate Techtonics (fairly new science) explains how the Earth's continents came to be in the positions they are today and also may explain where the Earth's continents are going. The changing of the Earth's continents affects weather patterns, polar caps, equatorial regions and more. Add Vulcanism (volcano) effects and truly the weather and climate changes even more. Wasting innovation and taxing with fake credits stagnates true green innovation and sucks working capital from consumers, entrepreneurs, small business and small enterprise.

SocioBusiness collaborations empower the entrepreneur small business small enterprise to focus innovation on "real" enterprise, energy saving technologies, new forms of logistics, extending virtual reach through collaborative new trade routes establishing as the science of Plate Techtonics demonstrates that trade routes will shift and sociobusiness collaborations will lead the way.

Entrepreneurs Small Business Small Enterprise can debunk the Climate Change Theory, embrace the science of Plate Techtonics and return to Environmental Energy and preservation innovations. Join sociobusiness entrepreneurs having resolved to form new enterprise zones and continuous enterprise development zones under sound science and true Green solutions. Small Enterprise Delivers ...MyLymanBlogspot!

Small Enterprises deliver from new, alternative trade routes and zones, to sociobusiness collaborations and networks using working capital models.


Small Enterprises and Community needs are the sociobusiness collaborative solution to what ails the global community and your small enterprise or entrepreneurism can find its home here!

Welcoming responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises to the continuous-enterprise-development-zone, in an exclusive, collaborations network(sm)- a continuous enterprise development zone!

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