Iranian Regime's Own Holocaust - Watch Force Majeure

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Iranian Regime's Own Holocaust - Watch Force Majeure

What Hitler was to the World, the Islamic Regime of Iran is equally so! From a humanitarian perspective to a business perspective, the time to act is now!

During the early periods of the 20th Century a fervor of hate spiraled from the Third Reich while most of Europe, the USA and the World slept. Isolationism, a nauseous taste from World War I, and a sleeping society of cultural elites from of all places such as Norway (Nobel Country and home to Dynamite) all lead to the absolutism of "it will get better," and "they aren't really killing all those people." Once again, just like the failed League of Nations, the World and the United Nations sleeps and watches the onset of a lingering World War; the difference this time? Nuclear War.

What sanctimonious European countries are still doing business with Iran? What "bad boys" on the block are still causing trouble? What wacko dictators are part of the Iranian neighborhood of friends? Let's make it easy - Germany, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Yemen and, of course, little, ugly Hugo Chavez. Well, friends, you are about to get a big wake up...and it's coming soon. If you believe that Iran will be permitted to hold Nuclear weapons, you may be right but they won't hold it for long because the Nuclear target is right on you. So, if the humanitarian need to eliminate the Iranian Islamic Regime isn't on your bucket list, perhaps your economy might be...that's right, no force majeure will save your economy once it is all over. No, the West will not come back with money to rebuild you, much as the Marshall plan this means you will go broke, really broke. Like that nice comfy lifestyle? Enjoy it while you can...the clock has just started and it's clicking for you. By the way, once it is over? War Crimes...need I say more.

So, Russia, Northern Europe and all the enablers of the regime...your choice and it better be quick...if you are doing business with this killing machine and Global Nuclear threat your "bad boy" status is going to get worse and your enterprises, economy and more will be returning to the post World War II depression.

Hey, Venezuela! Buddies with Iran? Did you know that when Hitler finished killing people in Germany that he went to Austria, Italy, Finland, Norway, France, Denmark, Poland, the Middle East and Africa. So, what makes you think that if you are doing business with the likes of Iran that perhaps you might be under the same plight...better start thinking because time is running out.

…Calling All Enterprises… Collaborate Boycott!...collaborate from the business side well in advance and boycott this killing machine and soon to be nuclear threat because the side you are on will be reflective of where you will be next.

Let's not forget the big business bandits like Nokia, General Electric and the consortium of Dutch and others...boycott them too.

After all, if the Iranians can do this to their own people, you are next! Would you do business with these monsters?

Get on board with responsible enterprise...

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