Hey! Entrepreneur, Small Business, Small Enterprise "Eye Wear Must Be Worn" 2020TAGS

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Entrepreneur, Small Business, Small Enterprise "Eye Wear Must Be Worn" 2020TAGS

The Truth Is...? Success for entrepreneurs, small business, small enterprise and their associations is dependent upon who you "hang around" and who you "work with." Small Medium Enterprises and On-Line Marketing with sociobusiness relations, collaborations and networks require entrepreneurs to small and medium enterprises and their associations to be declarative, demonstrating and promulgating who they hang around and who they are collaborating with.

Unlike Big Business and Hedge Funds, entrepreneurs and enterprises have an identity and, if a working capital enterprise model is in place, you have an identity and care that others know where your enterprise comes from and what good socially, geo-politically, and your free-enterprise-wise view on business ideas.

Look around the Globe with a simple Google, Bing, Ask, Klout, Technorati search and big-business identities blur and big brands dominate and in many cases represent such a myriad of questionable business identities that what was once identifiable (e.g. CNN known for its U.S. cultural identity is now CNN with sociobusiness schizophrenia with the mixing of broadcast tailored for each country shown) and now something else.

Hey! Enrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Small To Medium Enterprises if you don't take a stand, you don't have a plan. Small Businesses, Small Enterprises and Entrepreneurs are successful with a sociobusiness identity, rich in culture, responsible in business, and ethically valued.

I am talking about functioning in sociobusiness collaborations where free enterprise among geo-politically responsible oriented markets promote continuous enterprises, where enterprise-comes-from-enterprise and if you are a part of it, entrepreneurs, small business and small enterprises can work collaboratively to promote enterprise opportunities, provide incubation assistance and can cooperative collaboratively to promote this "sociobusiness" community and to opine on those to be ignored or boycotted and that is why this small medium enterprise and on-line marketing blogger shares within the Portal.

Take a stand, have your identity and market both culturally among a zone of continuous enterprise collaborations! Small Enterprises deliver...


Small Enterprises and Community needs are the sociobusiness collaborative solution to what ails the global community and your small enterprise or entrepreneurism can find its home here!

Welcoming responsible entrepreneurs, enterprises to the continuous-enterprise-development-zone, in an exclusive socio/business network(sm) and an appropriate return address!

Enterprise Intelligence and Enterprise Opportunities at your fingertips…small enterprise deliver!

Need incubation help? Join the Socio/Business Network(sm) ISM2020.com!

WRLymanGroup.com Enterprise Intelligence Stimulating Enterprise Development Into International Footprints

WRLyman.com Group Enterprise Services Business On-Line Cafe Building Small Enterprise and International Footprints!

An Evolving, Exclusive, SocioBusinessHosting(sm) is developing, join us!

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